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Welcome to NOMA

Providing professional consulting for

automotive thermal solutions

Creative & Sustainable Growth Solutions

The automotive industry is going through a rapid transformation underpinned by megatrend commonly referred to as M.E.C.A. (Mobility, Electrification, Connectivity, Autonomous)

Amidst these changes, companies must pursue and embrace new technologies and innovations to secure a foundation for sustainable and long-term success.

NOMA's deep understanding of the automotive thermal solutions helps automotive suppliers develop future-ready, breathrough strategies best suited to the changing automotive technology.

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Our Vision

As a leading advisory company in vehicle thermal management, we support the independent development of automotive ITMS to help our customers leap forward as Global No. 1 company, and contribute to the sustainable growth of society through ESG management

Innovative and creative solutions for ITMS development






Energy efficient system enhancing vehicle driving range

Industry leading talents, putting people’s well-being first

Our Advisors

Group of experienced advisors with over 30 years of experience, from R&D to sales, at global auto makers and automotive thermal suppliers

Determined to contribute to the future of the automotive thermal industry with our collective technical know-how and seasoned wisdom

Proven track record of delivering a wide range of thermal management solutions for automotive OEMs worldwide

Current and Past Projects

- HVAC system development consulting

- Blower wheel development consulting

1. KR Domestic Company

2. NA-based Thermal Company

- Engineering advisory service 

Services & Solutions

Total Package Layout for Thermal Management System (TMS)

Provide TMS layout design in vehicle state that maximizes performance and efficiency of thermal system operation


- CRFM / AC System / HVAC / PE Cooling / Battery Cooling

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< Thermal Management System >


< HVAC >

< Blower >

Component Design & Engineering - HVAC

HVAC is a key system that secures a pleasant vehicle environment by controlling the internal temperature and improving the air quality


NOMA provides engineering support for independent development of HVAC in the TMS that can satisfy OEM requirements

Component Design & Engineering - CRFM

CRFM plays a vital role in maintaining the operating temperature of the powertrain system, and is also key in meeting the vehicle emission standard and improving the vehicle driving range

NOMA provides engineering support for independent development of CRFM that meets the needs of various OEM vehicle architecture

< CRFM >

testing 8.jpg

< Virtual Testing from Components to System >

Verification & Testing

Perform design verification and validation, and establish test process to meet customer requirements

- Evaluation process to validate design, and secure system performance/durability reflecting actual vehicle operating conditions

- Test data suitability, problem cause analysis, and solution review


- Virtual testing analysis, including CAE & CFD, to predict structural integrity and dynamic behavior 


- Support independent testing capabilities: compressor performance test, A/C system bench test, wind tunnel test, in-vehicle tests, etc.

Contact Us

114, Gwahaksaneop 1-ro, Oksan-myeon, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea

Thank you for contacting us!

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